Lemtrada or Fengolimid


so today I had my consultant appt to discuss second tier treatment options. Copaxone didn’t work for me, so I’m having to choose between Lemtrada and Fenogolomid. I know about lemtrada but does anyone have any experience with the latter? I don’t know much about it. So far I’m leaning towards lemtrada…

Hi Amelia

I was on Fingolimod for about 2/3 years. Now just had round one of Lemtrada.

Fingolimod didn’t give me any side effects and is a relatively easy drug to be on as you only have to remember to pop the pill each day. The first day you start the tablet it has to be administered in hospital, I was there for about 6 hours, you just take the pill and then they monitor you pulse and BP. I did really well on it, no relapses. had a minor relapse when I came off it (preganant). I then went back on it after I had my baby whilst I was waiting to go on to Lemtrada.

Hi, I hardly ever post in these forums, but do avidly go through new posts now and then. I had Lemtrada, for severe RRMS, about four years back. It is basically Alemtuzumab, a chemotherapy against T cells (travelling white cells). Had it in 2014 and 2015, developed thyroid damage with it, alongside uncountable infections. Decided not to go for the third round of it. But anyways, had a cluster of relapses at the same time. Docs gave me the option of either stem cells OR Ocrelizumab, I chose the later. Although monthly blood tests and urinalysis for Lemtrada, still go on till 2020. Hope it helps. I would certainly recommend Lemtrada, as all patients are different. It might suit you, hopefully. Good luck