Leakage from bowel

Hi to all, i keep getting leakage after bm doc has given me fybrogel to help with the problem but the only thing is i cant drink it at all as it is discusting and goes jellyfied if you dont drink it stright away is their anything else i can use instead of the above for the same thing. My baldder is really annoying to urgency then when i go there is only a small amount sometimes i am waiting for urodynamics which i should have had months ago not happened yet so i am not happy at all. I do not understand why this is not letting me set out my post as i wish. also i cannot cope with all this heat the past few week either its like i am constantly hot and need to sleep and my fatigue is worse too. Inam going on holiday sat but dont know how i will keep on with this heat its supposed to be even hotter in Devon too as well as more walking i dont think i will manage too well. Will have to see. Dolphin500