LDN info

Where do you get your LDN from? I used to be a patient of Dr Bob Lawrence when he retired I had about 6 Month supply left I had been on it from about 2008 mainly because I had an allergic reaction from copaxone and I felt wonderful on LDN. I started to get better not worse except just recently so tried Dickson ended up going round in circles snarky call centre operative. So I believe there are other suppliers. A year ago I had my first MRI in over 20 years and the surprise was my lesions had disappeared was it result of years of LDN no one can ever tell me this I do also take Sativex but the gp said it cannot be Sativex not sure why I feel sensory neuritis recently unless I have done too much thanks

Assuming you still get a prescription ok, then any chemist should be able to supply LDN for you. That was my experience pre Dickson anyway.

Probably worth contacting the ldn research trust, if you need any help.

Contact Us (Low Dose Naltrexone) LDN Research Trust - The Low Dose Naltrexone Charity

No I just used to get it sent from Dr Lawrence every time I ran out with an invoice

Thanks for reply