Ketamine infusion and Tysabri infusion in the same week

Hi guys, I have been on Ketamine infusions for my MS pain for about 2 years! It has been life changing. My doctor is putting me on Tysabri infusion next month. Has anyone else been on both? If so have u have both infusions in one week? Thank you, jennifer

Hi, Jennifer.

I’d like to be treated by ketamine infusions, but I don’t know how to go about finding someone to treat me. Can you offer any advice on that? Thanks, Alan

Hi Jennifer,

I am not on Tysabri but I have had a Ketamine infusion and am possibly having another one in a week or so. I can’t see that there would be any problem being on both though.

How does the Ketamine make you feel? I get quite out of it and groggy and have mild hallucinations with it. Is yours over 3 or 5 days and as an in or out patient? I had the 3 day sub-cut infusion for 3 days and have to have mine as an in patient.

The only thing I can think though is that if the Ketamine makes you feel a bit ordinary as it does me you may prefer to have your Tysabri infusion done in a different week to the Ketamine. How often do you need the Ketamine? I had my first one in June and have managed to last until now which has been good but TBH I probably should have spoken up earlier about the pain coming back. So I am probably getting 3 months coverage.

But the point I am trying to make is that you should have enough room to jiggle the infusion around the Tysabri one.

But like all drug related question, if in doubt it is best to ask your treating neuro.

But glad to hear from another Ketamine user. Not many of us here but there are a few…