Kesimpta and supplements


If you are on Kesimpta have you been recommended/or are taking any supplements given depleted immune system?

Also my Kesimpta nurse said b-cell depletion is gradual…has anyone else been told this?

Lastly is going to a bar a crazy idea on this drug?


I have been told about the slow depletion of B cells on K by nurse today.

I would be interested to know about any supplements when you have more info!

I’ve not been advised to take any supplements specifically to do with being immune suppressed/on kesimpta. I do take a high dose of vitamin D.

So far since I started in January I have taken almost no precautions. Just the occasional mask when someone is coughing and I can’t move away and more diligent hand washing.

And I am on my second cold… it does seem to hit me a bit “harder” than might have been the case before, I might be imagining that. But then… everyone gets colds, there’s lots going round right now, it’s hardly a big deal. Being freelance I more or less have to work through it. I just tell myself that all this is worth it for the long term.

I travel regularly (weekly foreign travel, multiple trips), work in confined spaces, join crowds at check-ins and on transport… the lot. Wouldn’t think twice about going to a bar.

It’s really up to you. Would you rather live a very restricted life for the foreseeable future and reduce the risk of colds/flu? Or are you willing to accept a risk that you might get a respiratory infection but you can keep doing the things you like? My reasoning was that before my MS diagnosis, I would never have stayed home for fear of catching a cold. Yes, they may be slightly tougher/more frequent now… but I’m just so determined to live my life. It’s a very personal choice!

If you do go out and get something more than a snuffle, you can also phone your GP, point out you are immune-suppressed and check if they can help. They might just say no, but I was encouraged to do this by the MS nurses when I started Kesimpta.

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Thank you for your message. Definitely food for thoughts… so much to think bout and decide.

I’ve started to take magnesium supplement again, I remember I use to take it when I opted for homeopathy to treat my MS before; it may have positive benefits.

Yes I read Kesimpta is supposed to target the B-cells doing the most damage. I did catch Coronavirus the following month after starting on it and Norovirus the month after, but I’ve always had low immunity tbf.

You’re still allowed to drink in moderation. Although I’ve given up the sauce now, as my balance is just not good anymore.