just a moan really

hi everyone :slight_smile:

i’ve not been on here for a few years, as everything has been ok, but it feels like things were saving themselves up! I’m jiust back from hols in the canaries, where walking was a pain, because of the heat… Started taking pills for bladder problems about a fortnight ago, saw the optician last week for eye problems, fatigue is the usual bu66er, hands suffering with spasticity… going for a run last month and not being able to because of foot-drop… what a bore. Add to that a slipped disc that keeps refusing to go away and I feel really moany!!!

The optician is the bugbear, my right eye is playing up and getting blurry and it’s hard to see clearly in the centre of something. They seem to think it’s central serous retinopathy, rather than ON, but I’ve no idea really. Anyone else had ‘mild’ ON? all my symptoms over the past 10 years have had a pattern of a slow start then they stay a long time and gradually clear, rather than quick relapses. I’ve not seen my consultant for over 5 years, so feel a bit out of the loop in terms of being managed/helped by the MS nurse or consultant. It seemed for the first few years like it was going to be benign MS, but as things have gone in the last year or two with lots of ‘little’ things happening sporadically, then in the last few months things geting worse i’m starting to resign myself to it looking like it’s not benign.

Anybody else had the experience of being healthy for a few years then having it all come back? it feels like being a newbie all over again, not least because i had kind of pushed MS to the back of my mind and got on with life as though it wasn’t there!

moan over :wink: