Jumping the gun?

Well…what a whirlwind of a week! And somehow I have found myself here in good hands!

Little background… last September/October I found myself having tingling hands/arms after a couple of ‘shock’ sensations down my spine which I thought was my chair at work. I called the doctor who, over the phone suggested I book a physio. Being really busy I left it on the back burner.

Skip to about 2 weeks ago - my legs felt really numb, still getting the electric shocks when I lower my head, I decided to book that physio appointment. Last weekend my legs were the worst they’ve been - I decided to call the doc on Monday again who referred me for an urgent MRI scan on my spine. I got a call to go in that evening!! WOW!

Went for the MRI - got the results today which states ‘ In the cervical spine there is patchy central cord signal change extending C3-C6, accompanied by focal cord expansion’ OK what the hell have I done? I’ve been referred ‘significant and urgent’ in the letter. Waiting for this appointment- in the meantime I have my physio appt booked for Monday and bloods Wednesday. My MRI happened quicker than I could get booked for these so I’ve been very lucky in that respect.

Don’t know how I found myself here - well I do - Google!

Think I’m just ranting but thanks for reading - no idea what I’m facing if anything?

Would love to hear thoughts x

Well the doctor called me on the Monday after the MRI saying I’ve got demyelination/inflammation which needs specialist input. Had bloods etc to check for vitamin deficiency but all come back ok.

Got my appointment for neuro come through for 25th April.

Had to go back to the docs for some medication as the feeling of the covers on my knees when in bed was awful. Put me on Amitriptoline? Seems to be doing the trick for now.

Legs are still numb and really getting me down.

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Hi @lydia1
I think having the lumber puncture done is an accurate indicator of multiple sclerosis, we MSers have a higher level of T-cells in our spinal fluid.
I don’t know why I put it off for so long after initial diagnosis, 20+ years ago, ignorant adolescent me thought it was a type of epidural.

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Crumbs, that is a whirlwind isn’t it?
At least you don’t have long to wait until your specialist appointment. I hope you will get more of an idea of about what they think is going on and how they intend to proceed.

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Thanks guys.

Yes I’ve been very lucky in that respect not waiting long for appointments. I’ve heard nothing but good things about the neurology at North Staffs which is where I’ve been referred to. Just need to wait and see what they say. Xx


Few days til my appointment.

Been off sick last couple days, had a cold but it knocked me for six!!!

How do I tell work what is wrong when I don’t know myself!??? They’re very supportive but I don’t know how they can help me at the moment?? My legs give me problems being numb and sometimes painful and I’m on my feet a lot (I’m a vehicle damage assessor) but I feel I need to move around to keep them moving if that makes sense but it’s just exhausting at the moment. I just need to get to this neurologist and see what’s what.

Urgh…… I dunno