Iv just been diagnosed

Hi, last week I found out I have MS some old and new spots on my brain. I also have transverse myelitis at the very top of my spine. Which caused this episode . Started with feet and all my groin being totally numb. Then it’s traveled though my whole body and progressed to pain and aches in my arms hands fingers etc. started with a fast onset 7 weeks ago.
I’m waiting to be with ms doctors now. Iv had 5 days of steriods to help speed up a recovery. I have RRMS. Made me feel awful …
I know little else except I’m in shock pain and feel a bit lost. I’m 32 with 2 little boys and have so many worries. If anyone has any info that would be great thank you

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Hi, sorry to hear of your Dx.
I’m recently diagnosed also, it’s a worrying time but I’m slowly accepting it.

You will go through a grieving process. Things aren’t always bleak and you will cope.


Thanks and sorry to hear your news also. Do you take anything that helps with the pain? Still waiting on my actual MS meds.

Julia, I am sorry that you have had such a shock to the system. I hope that your symptoms recede soon, and you have some calm time and space to come to terms, or start to.

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I take gabapentin at the moment but, I’m switching to Pregablin this week. The gabapentin took the edge off but didn’t do much else.
I also take Baclofen at night to help with spasms.

It’s all trial and error to get things right. I only get meds to help cope with the symptoms as my neurologist thinks I probably have PPMS, so no treatment for me. I’m sure you’ll get the proper DMT for your RRMS.

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May I ask why Ocrelizumab (Ocrevus) wasn’t an option for you?

Treatment is only offered when new lesions are formed as there’s no relapses. It wouldn’t do any good, basically.