It's here

Hi everyone

I just had to come on to wish you all a Merry Christmas this seems to come around quicker every year I must be getting old. Hope you all have a good festive season.

Love Lost Angel x

you too lost angel

carole xxxx

Hello,Lost Angel,and the compliments of the season to you and yours.The pheno… phenene…phenemen…strange thing whereby things seem to come around more quickly is a proven physiological effect that ‘speeds up’ the world around us.I don’t know what it’s called.BUT,the older the quicker

Remember waiting for the summer holidays,but my 86 year old aunty, that she can switch the kettle on and it’s June by the time it has boiled.Don’t be thinking Aunty Edna is cakey,'cos she is as sharp as a big bag of sharp things.

I’ll finish now by saying “Happy Easter and don’t forget your sun block”.

Wb x