It's good to talk

Hi All

hope you are making the most of this beautiful weather, and long may it continue!

Anyway I’ve finally received an appoinment for stress councilling tomorrow at 10 am. Have got no idea what to expect, and am just assuming that I will be asked a series of questions about what’s making me stressed.

I don’t know how this will help apart from being able to speak to someone neutral about the issue!

I guess it’s good to talk!

Freckles x

So I went for my meeting with the stress councillor. Was rather menatally exhausting, and I’ve got another five sessions to go. I’ll be a blubbering wreck by the end of it! Not sure how it will help in the long term, but she said we had only scratched the surface today.

Freckles x


Just to say good luck, what have you got to loose, nothing, we all need to talk about what’s happening to us, so keep posting about how your getting on. x

Well, if you didn’t have tough stuff to deal with, you wouldn’t be seeing the counsellor in the first place, so if it had been plain sailing, it would probably have been a waste of your time.

When I had some counselling, I well remember the difficult process of taking out and giving an airing to some difficult things that I had thought I was dealing with OK by ignoring. But I wasn’t dealing with them OK - that’s why I needed to talk to the counsellor! I hope that, like me, you come to feel the benefit of examining patterns of thinking that might have worked in the past, but that aren’t doing you any favours now.

Good luck!


Thanks greenhouse, like my post said it’s good to talk!

Alison i think you hit the nail on the head, I do tend to think I’m coping with things but am i fact ignoring them! Have had the dx of ms and a bleed in the brain to deal with, which I think I am doing so. Ironically it’s the behaviour of a colleague that’s causing me all the stress!

Freckles xxx