ISC (ladies)

I’ve started (this week) using catheters each night, just before I go to bed. I’m managing okay with it - in fact better than I expected.This may seem like a silly question but is it alright to do it whilst having your period. Just seems a bit yucky!

Thankyou for any replies

No question is a silly question. Yeh its ok to do it when your on. I would imagine you get some wipes in with your catheters? If so, just use them before hand.


Hi Anon - yes it’s ok. But you need to be extra careful. It’s going to get yucky - with isc the easiest hole to access is not the right one I.e vagina so the isc can get yucky with blood and increased risk of infection if you try again to get the right hole I.e urethra Hope this makes sense Min xx

Hi Anon If you use tampons - I change mine first and then wash down below. This ensures that everything is clean in readiness for the catheter. Hth, Teresa xx