Is this really the end of January?

Is time flying by? End of January… Happy Chinese New YearSeize the day guys, my eldest sister by 14 years had a stroke on Wednesday. Bummer, 04:00 is the worst time ‘my busy brain’ goes over and over what if. Sorry there are no paragraphs, so ranting and rambling take care, M

So sorry about your sister M. Hope she makes a full recovery! Look after yourself, Teresa xx

Oh bad news M… hope she makes a full recovery… was it a mini stroke? People recover from those very quickly. Can’t believe it’s Feb tomorrow… BUT it does mean we are moving closer to Spring! Take care hon… thinking of you, Pat xx :wink:

So sorry about your sister M, hopes she makes a full recovery. Is it the same sister that was so poorly towards the end of last year? Thinking of you, Nina x

Sorry to hear that M, my (ex) mum in law had a massive stroke last JUne, we thought she’d not survive, but she’s making great progress, walkinh unaided now, although slowly, and can speak, read and write, also slowly, although has no use in one arm, she has come on brilliantly. My kids (17 and 15) were with her having tea when it happened. They usually go Mondays but went Thursday that week. Thank god, otherwise who knows? She lives alone, miles from anywhere.

Really hope she does OK, and that you are OK too xxx

Hi, how is your sister doing hun?

luv Pollx

Sorry to hear that M. Strokes have devastated my family. I hope she was able to be treated quickly. My father is now 84 and after 2 strokes he’s doing ok as is my younger brother who had one 3 years ago. Best wishes, Steve.

Hi M

so sorry to hear that our sister has had a stroke,hope she recovers quickly.

i too cant believe its the end of january,its not one of my favourite months,always pleased when its febuary. x

sorry ‘YOUR’ sister x

M, wishing your sister a speedy and the fullest possible recovery

Sonia x

Hi guys, I went to see my sister yesterday she was sitting up and knew me. I am a bit of a joker and I said we would have to get back out for our meals (and my phone was very quiet) fast as a whip ‘with champagne’! It took me aback, you have to listen very carefully to what she is saying. She can’t swallow liquid (water) and must only have ‘goolpy’ stuff, what does she deperately want? WATER, and she will make up for the quiet phone! Many many thanks for all the support

That’s good to hear M. Here’s hoping she has a full recovery… sounds as if she will. The speech should improve quite quickly… hope she can swallow again soon. Thinking of you and your sister. I have two sisters and am very close to them both. We are lucky. Not everyone is close to their sisters… and when it’s good it can be such a special relationship. Pat xx :wink:

Glad to hear things are better M. Hope things continue to improve for you both.

But hasn’t January been a shocker!!! The dark, the unremitting wet, the all pervasive doom and gloom. Sometimes I wish I was a bear and could just go into hibernation on boxing day and not wake up untill Good Friday…

good news about your sister. x

Hi M

Sorry I had not been here for a while, hope things go well for your Sister.

Pam x