Is there still room for improvement?

Hi, I had my first attack just over a year ago, my speech was affected. I’m undiagnosed. 6 months after that attack my speech was fine but from may it has been affected but not in exactly the same way. I do have some days where it is perfectly fine but not all the time, more often it is affected. Is there still time for this to improve for me? I’ve hears some say that it can take up to two years? But is it a good sign that sometimes it is fine, eg it may not be permanently damaged?

Hi Anon, yes it’s a good sign as it’s not permanently damage.

Some symptoms go up and down esp if you’re tired, stressed or fatigued.

Suggest you go and see the GP after Christmas and see what he/she says.

Pat x

I had speech issues for a couple months before my last attack. Mainly with complicated words, it’s like my jaw is not responding as it should. Kind of like slurring.

it continued for weeks after the attack but seems to have gone away lately.

the speech problems will re-visit now and again though, usually when I’ve walked back from the supermarket too fast.

I’d say it’s a good sign that it’s not permanent. I can’t say with any authority though.

hope yours goes away just like mine did.