Is the loose of motivation always a problem?

Hello everyone … I have doubts and questions about loss of self esteem and a little sadness infrequently. Does anyone know the reason or the cause?

I think it’s only natural. Even when you’re upbeat and having a good day, you still know in the back of your mind that you have MS and this or that thing could happen later on.

I’m middle-aged now, so many of the things I can no longer do are because of that rather than my MS, but when you’re younger and discover that you’re suddenly getting too tired or mixing up your words or needing to use a cane then it’s only natural to feel sad and begin thinking that you’re not as useful as you used to be.

The thing is, you’re still special as just yourself. With any luck, your MS will progress slowly and be helped by medications. You still have the same hobbies and interests, although over time you might have to adapt how you do those things.

I think it’s just part of the normal grieving process of being told that you have a treatable but incurable disease.

i think thats life in general. we get told you have MS get over it, get going moving do things…yeh ok you walk in my shoes day and tell me that lol.

Living with chronic illness is the cause.

I am definitely an optimist about things - personally I believe things could always be worse. My father passed away with MS in 1986 when I was at school - if you told me 21 years later I too would be diagnosed with MS I would never have believed it.

It is just a lifestyle inconvenience - I have told my manager at work and she has offered to lessen my duties - not too much standing still etc. and rest breaks when I need them. I am quite fortunate that I can pop the toilet or have a sit down anytime I need to.

This year I am literally going to work, sleeping, staying home - I go the cinema and theatre shows - restaurants and the odd pub quiz - I am at my happiest feet up watching tv and relaxing.

Hope things go well for you…