is ms becoming a fashionable storyline?

i posted about a book that i had bought as escapism and found it had ms in the plot.

then casualty last night had a woman with ms. (she had a far worse problem - her husband was a perv)

just wondering when the movie with ms in the plot is going to be released.

carole x


Can’t see James Bond with ms but yo never kno what Q will come up with next. My ms nurse ms is not sexy enough to get headlines in movies and news papers etc.

Much rather a cure than a film


Hi, I can think of two… ‘Hilary and Jackie’… 1998… is the story of Jacqueline du Pre, who was a very famous cellist who then got MS. I’ve never watched the film as she had very aggressive MS and died in her early 40’s and I think too upsetting to watch.

One that I have watched is a French film called ‘Lourdes’ made in 2009. It was shown on BBC 4 a couple of years ago and I thought it was very good (as did a few folk on here).

Googling the above films for dates, I see there’s also a film called ‘Go Now’ made in 1995 about a Scottish footballer who ‘succumbs to MS’ … their words, not mine. Also sounds like it would be too upsetting to watch.

‘Succumbs’ is a strange word to use about MS. Sounds like there was a choice!

Pat x

I saw Go Now many years ago and it was upsetting then, it’s got Robert Carlyle playing the main role so it is brilliant acting. I really want to watch it again but can’t bring myself to now I’m diagnosed. Sam x

A woman suffering ms was on Casualty last night. Problem is, they never show someone limping, or dropping things, nor suffering any of our symptoms. They always are portrayed as being fairly normal whereas our experience of ms is not normal by any means.

Media always portray things either from one extreme to another. Shall we ever get the real portrayal is my worry, be it in a book or on tv.

Yes more common but not realistic. Enjoy your book, see if there are any similarities between your experience of ms and the womans? Do let us know.



What was laughable was the impression given by ‘Casualty’ that a person with MS could turn up at a busy Casualty unit and demand a scan and a doctor would arrange an MRI scan and then get an appropriate specialist to immediately look at the scan results to make an instant decision about whether there had been any progression.


I know what you mean Neil; I’m still waiting for apptmt to see neuro. 6 weeks after EP tests I’ve heard nothing. Getting abit frustrated by it, wanting to know my results.

Hugs, Ronni

Yes I think it is becoming not a ‘no go’ area for producers.

My favourite ‘Doc Martin’ told some woman who thought she had MS in his lovable abrupt manner; “Don’t be so stupid woman; suppose you read it on the internet.” “You have tingling in both hands; tingling in one hand may be a symptom also your optic disks are clear not opaque” she replied “Oh thank you doctor; are you sure””Well you could always check it on the internet.”

Brilliant; you don’t need an MRI; Evoked Potentials or LP just Doc Martin; brilliant programme.


The best portrayal of an MS sufferer was in the West Wing. It was the best TV series ever and had the US President having RRMS.Technically his symptoms were spot on,as were the treatments.I think it finished 8-9 years ago,but was an oasis in the desert that is television.


That`s film and tv for you! Licence to print, show, say owt!

luv Pollx

Remember when ‘House’ was on? There was always an MS story… or possibility of MS.

I remember once them all standing round an MRI image and House saying ‘Yes it’s MS and I would say he’s had it for 2 years’.

The USA must have amazing MRI scanners that can show exactly how old the lesions are!

Pat x