Is it time I went back to the DR?

Two and half years ago I went to the Dr because of chronic episodes of sudden physical and mental fatigue that I had been having for at least 18 months. I thought It would be anaemia or similar. Had bloods, came back negative got told I let my body get into a bad habit. Cheers Doc. Two and half years later I am still there with a bit more symptoms in the last 9 months. I feel like I spend more time in fatigue than I don’t. My longest episode was four days my shortest has been about an hour and a half. But little ones can happen multiple times a week. They are brought on by anything, exertion, reading, or simply just happen. I was surprised recently to go four days without one. My parent just think I’m tired and don’t understand that no one can have 10 hours sleep and then have an episode that causes me to lie down for another 4 hours and not have enough sleep. If I have an episode at work, I’m like a zombie. The mental fatigue is what I find to deal with the hardest. My short term memory is not what is was and I can’t concentrate on much not even the Tv sometimes. Recently I have noticed things happening, although not that often, they happen enough for my to be aware of them. I have noticed some twitching mostly in my left arm, slurring words - cant seem to use my tongue in the middle of some sentences and painful joints, knees and right hip and back pain that feels in the bone. I also get dodgy stomach pains that feel like I’m going to be sick, going to s**t myself and my appendix is going to pop all at once and some dodgy stool movements too- I have a steady healthy diet too which is confusing. Is it time I went to the Dr again, do I even have bad enough MS symptoms, is it more like ME. As I don’t have any muscle pains or stiffness perhaps I don’t? Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

Just want to add, I am only 20, don’t know if that will make a difference. To add to the things that happen not often, I also lose my footing, even when just standing still, I can sort of stumble. When I was coming round from an episode the other week, I walked into a wall, pistil can’t decide if I wasn’t balanced or if I was still out for it.

Hi Max!

It’s definately time to go back to see the doctor.

My advise would be to write down all your symptoms to take with you to the appointment. Your doctor hopefully will run some tests to see what the problem is.

This could be absolutely anything (in my opinion) so try not to get yourself worried. It could be something that is easily treated.

Don’t mention MS/ME or anything else for that matter that you think might be the problem or your doctor may not take you seriously. Give him/her all the facts and if he/she thinks it could be neurological then they should refer you to a neurologist.

Good luck,


Hi Max, and welcome :slight_smile:

Tbh, it doesn’t sound very like MS to me, but there is no way that a 20 year old should be feeling the way you do and it is about time that your GP took you seriously. First up, you need a whole host of blood tests (it might be something simple like a vitamin deficiency). If they all come back clear, then you should be referred to a specialist.

Make a list of your worst symptoms and go see your GP. Be polite but firm - something is not right and you want to find out what!

Good luck.

Karen x