is it bedtime yet????

morning lovely peeps woken up feeling utterly exhausted this morning, no idea why tho had fairly decent sleep ( for me anyway lol insomnia n me are close buddy’s "/ ) I feel a bit wishy washy in myself can’t find the words :frowning: just not rite lol I think I feel like I’m hungover with foggy head if that makes any sense to any of u just wish I could explain how I’m feeling grrrrr lol got my boss moaning at me about getting back to wor, well not so much moaning just asking when I think I’ll be back but then on the other hand she won’t have me back at work without a ‘Fit Note’ from the doc so now I’ve got to go n waste their time for a piece of paper grrrrr why can’t I just be "/ sorry for moaning folks I’m off to try n get a dr appointment so she, the boss, can stick it where she likes lol I’m gonna ask em to do me a phased rtn for 3 weeks then we’ll be on Xmas hols n hopefully I will be finally fit enough to go back properly in Jan Lou :slight_smile: x

Morning Lou Perfect sense. I remember the good old days when I knew exactly why I had that foggy head and it was usually because something rather thrilling had kept me up all night. Mind You, I still find him rather thrilling but only if he massages my throbbing legs exactly the right way!!! Something is changing. Last night there was no spasms in my legs but a strange buzzing sensation…almost like the washing machine was spinning right next to me. And the numbess down the right side of my face, which seemed to be abating over the last few days, has returned, but around the left side of my mouth. Great!! Catherine

Hi Lou

I feel exactly the same…struggled to get out of bed this morning and feel completely exhausted, like I’ve not woken up properly yet. I had given up caffeine, but just having a strong coffee to see if that helps! Recently started on Pregabalin, so not sure if it’s still the side effects or another MS symptom.

Also got work moaning at me about going back…I know they need to know for staffing, but I can’t say either! I nearly went back a couple of weeks ago and glad I didn’t now, as I wouldn’t have been ready. Hoping to go back in January on a phased return over 6 weeks…work have been really good about everything, so I shouldn’t moan about them!

Hope you get your drs appointment sorted and you’re feeling a bit brighter now

Fizzy x

aww thanx :slight_smile: I have managed to get doc sorted for later this morning so will see what he says about going back to work I shouldn’t reallyoan about my boss really she’s been really good to me about all this esp cus I only told her on the weds wk b4 calling sick (3wks ago) Catherine u do make me giggle lol I love reading ur posts n responces u seem as tho u have the same silly sense of humor as me :slight_smile: and let face it we all def need a sense of humor to help get us thro the day :slight_smile: Fizzy legs it’s hard when u just wanna get going again esp with work I love my job but I’m def gonna ask about phased rtn my. boss is fine with that idea just not sure how she’ll take it of it turns out to be over the remainder 3 wks of term tho what with 2 Xmas lunches to do for 200 but I just no that if I go straight back into it all full time I’ll be back to square 1 or at least that’s what I’m scared of atm apart from the tiredness n slightly foggy/dizzy head I feel almost back to me again but this time it’s taken about 10wks I’m not dx yet got euro appointment on New yrs eve Go careful guys Lou :slight_smile: x