which of the interferons would you reccommend?

i'm going for an appointment with my ms specialist neuro on monday and don't think copaxone is working for me any more.

is it possible that after 3 years feeling well on it, that i don't think it's working any more?

sometimes i worry that it's all in my head.

anyway i've read up on what else is available and it boils down to interferons.

does anyone have any advice or knowledge about these?

i'm getting scared now so i hope my ms friends can offer me some advice


carole x 

There really is no "right" choice - different things work for different people - but Rebif is the one that produces the best data in trials. That's why I chose it when I had to switch from Copaxone.

Rebif comes in two strengths: 22 and 44. There is a small, but significant difference in effect between Rebif22 and Rebif44: 44 is better, but with that normally comes stronger side effects although most people find that paracetamol and/or ibuprofen deals with them. So, if you want as good as it gets as far as injectables go, the data suggest Rebif44. 

Remember that everyone is different though. I know people who have done really well on Avonex and on Betaferon, so if you think they would suit you better, then they are the right choice for you.

Karen x


thanks karen,

i don't know whether i have a good enough reason to stop copaxone but i'll see what my neuro says.

carole x