Injection site pain

I’ve been on rebif for almost a year now. Generally it’s going well however I’ve got really sore sites on my tummy. I’ve had this before where there were little lumps underneath and pain. However this time there isn’t but my tummy is painful, when clothes touch the site, and just stingy pain even when nothing is particularly rubbing it. Has anyone had this? Should I avoid these sites now? Also quick question since injecting I’ve developed nerve pain, numbness, like sun burn feeling on my legs around the knee area … Is this connected with the medication? Thanks x

Hi Lisalou Yes I get this too. I’ve currently have what I call an incredibly dodgy injection site. Its a lump which burns and is painful to touch. I saw practice nurse who prescribed me antibiotics in case it was infected. I suggest you see someone too for an opinion just in case yours is infected. With me finished antibiotics but the lump just seems to be getting bigger. Luckily have appointment with MS this Thursday so will see what she says. Hope you get sorted Hugs Min xx

Thanks min for that. I will consider doing that. They have eased today. Very annoying. X