independent living

my social worker has just sent out a lovely lady from the team that promotes independent living, she told me all about local disabilty groups that I can attend, Ive arrange a visit in 2 weeks, but Im so scares[I know its stupid]I still havent accepted that changes in my , and I feel very afrain of entering this new phase of my life

It's perfectly understandable to feel nervous and reluctant. Unfortunately, dealing with all this cr&p that MS/ME/FM/whatever causes often means learning to adapt our lives and what we "do"; to find new ways of having fun, etc. You said it yourself: a "new phase of your life". New doesn't have to mean bad. Many of the things I do now are more interesting and more fulfilling than the things I did before. Why not give it a go? You might find that some of the groups and some of the people are not for you, but you never know, maybe there are some really good things that might come of it.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Good luck!

Karen x

Hi ya Lally

Anything 'new' is often pretty scary regardless of what it may be, but I think when it's something to do with our health - and we've not 'chosen' it - it makes it even more frightening. 

I've yet to partake in my local group, but I do intend too at some stage as I think it could be beneficial. It may not be everyones cup of tea but I guess unless we try we won't know. Have you considered maybe taking someone with you as a bit of backup? You may find that once you're there you enjoy yourself - meeting the other members and having a natter. Potentially, making new friends perhaps?

I'm one of those people that doesn't particularly like the process of going through meeting someone new - cos I'm a bit of a scaredy cat like once I get to know them I'm fine and then I tell myself I was being I still feel the same the next time round! You're definitely not alone.

The other side of it of course is that meeting and chatting to others at the groups may benefit you whilst you're getting to grips with the changes in your life.

Give it a bit of thought, but don't feel under pressure to go if you're not ready too or if it's not your thing.

Debbie xx