Ill health retirement from teaching

I have had a serious relapse and I am currently unable to work due to balance, cognition, fatigue and sight issues. The council are looking at ill health retirement. Has anyone been through this and received the Total Incapacity Benefits Higher Level of retirement.

I am also interested in the Access to Work I live in a rural area and the school I teach in is 1hr by car with no direct public transport. Would they offer me a taxi service to let me attempt to access work or do they look at a redeployment to a closer secondary school.

I also teach in the Specialist Support Base and have students who have profound and multiple difficulties and they are stating I could not use any aids when in the Base due to the students needs, eg my walking sticks or zimmer frame.

I have a meeting next Tuesday with the Deputy and HR to see what they are willing to do and want to be ready for them either way.