If not MS, then what?

Hi All, I’m new :slight_smile: I see the neurologist on Monday 19th Feb, I’m pretty nervous, feel sort of prepared for further investigations and for them to say it could be MS. I am 40 and have been having symptoms for about 18 months, but have only really added them all up to come up with MS recently, I suppose I’m wondering, if not MS, then what?

I have been having the following symptoms, eye twitching (now into the 4th month, optician says looks normal, could be stress), eye blurring, headaches, face/head numbness/pins and needles on right side, pins and needles in my right arm, fingers twitching (right side), brain fog, forgetting words, extreme tiredness, falling over and I have been having this awful winding sensation where I gasp as if I have been winded- my chest contracts and then it passes, I go tingly all over after this - could this be the MS hug?

Welcoming anyone’s thoughts or opinions :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hello @np83
The neurologist is the best person to give a diagnosis, in regards to the symptoms you’ve mentioned.
Good luck with your appointment, next week.

Hi np83,

Welcome to the site. Waiting for your appointment is no fun at all, wondering about what youre going to be told. I hope Monday provides you with some answers.