If New MS Pill Worked, And It Went Away......

I was just imagining what life would be like If the new MS pill worked, and It went away… I would get up at 7 am. and stay up ALL day! I’d clean my house until it shined - I’d hardly sit down because I’d be so busy and energetic! I’d go back to finish my nurse training and be so thrilled to work again. I’d begin learning Spanish, expand my German - oh the joy of learning something new without forgetting it! What would you do?

I’ll come with you, and we could stop off at the pub for a celebratory tipple!

pagegirl, have you always been interested in triathlon training, or is just because you can’t see yourself doing that just now?

…I would most definitely play football with my son!

I hope it also fixes all the damage done! I would clean the house,do the garden then go and get my hair and nails done. Then go out for dinner with the husband. Just posting that has exhausted me !,xxjo

I’d join Val on that very long walk. :slight_smile: xx

I’d walk my dog for miles; go out dancing - in ridiculously high heels; drive the car I want, not the car I need; stop paying somebody to cut the grass; hang washing out on a nice day without worrying that I’ll fall; do everything that needs done in one day instead of one week; the list is endless! Luisa x

i would walk the shop i miss that the most :cry:

I’d claim back my life rather than be so tired all the time, and remember things

I would be able to drive again, go out alone to do shopping, watch my son play football, go and meet friends for a drink and go from one pub to another, wear high heels, clean my house, cut the grass, be able to have normal sex without restriction just have my old life back!!! boy i hope the pill works Tracy x

Oh if only!!! I would change my career and train to be an OT. Id have great insight into exactly what disabled folk go through and feel. Id be driving myself whenever and whenever I wanted again. I`d get slimmer and fitter. I would be the old me…pipedreams eh? As I said, if only… luv Pollx

Ooooo, could I join Val and Susie on that long walk.

Right now I’d settle for just being able to walk more than a few metres without having to resort to a wheely walking aid! Oh and being able to climb the stairs properly - without tripping over at least one step every time :roll: Clare (on a bit of a downer today :frowning: )

For me it would have to be being doing a big boy pee and to wipe my on a##e. WE can always hope. I still think stem cells is the way to go. Take care all, Chris.

I would do everything that i cant do anymore, like go for a long walk on a beach, go shopping with my daughter,swimming, aerobics, party til i drop,go out to work, clean the house from top to bottom. jaki xx

oh we can all live in hope! I would go out my front door without my stick and walk and then run, come back to the house clean it from top to bottom, give it a real spring clean, change curtains nets the works really.