I think..

Hi folks

I’ve been thinking again (yes, I really have)! It’s getting to grips with what MS is all about, fear of the unknown, dread, where is my control of this beast? I’m thinking about our new people to our gang be of good cheer we are a mad bunch but we are also wise and caringM

Hi hon, yes fear of the unknown is a big part of what the beast is about. Your post as always hit the nail on the head. All we can do is keep to our ‘one day at a time’ mantra.

Woooohooo I actually went out yesterday. Roast dinner in Wetherspoons with a friend and then we went to see Skyfall… the new Bond movie. Fabulous!!! Loved every minute!!! I can actually take my scooter right into the cinema… park it in the wheelchair space and then sit in a seat like a ‘normal’ person… LOL…

If you peeps get the chance… go and see it. Fantastic on the big screen and the special effects have you peeping through your fingers.

Bond… James Bond x

Hi, yeh, fear can do all kinds of nastiness! once we know what we are dealing with, we can carry on the best we can.

Control over the beast? Mmm, sometimes.

For instance, when out shopping I can hang on for the loo quite well, but just had to hurry to the loo and didnt make it…more bloody washing!

luv POllx