i dont know

Hi all, i have been having symtems for over a year now my issues started just after christmas 2011 i came down with what my doc thought was glandular fever i was completley wiped out i had blood test which showed allthough i had the virus it wasnt active at that time ,the tiredness lasted about 6 weeks but i had acheing legs ,pains in my face running up to the tempals ,crawling feelings on my head and a general feeling of weekness after about 3-4 weeks these gradually got better and i started to feel better again (thankyou) so for about 3 weeks i felt ok but not perfect , in mid april i went to work as usual when from out of no where my right foot starts buzzing like a mobile phone vibrating on off on off this lasted a week then pin&needles in hands &legs more temple pain chest pain and stiff upper back, so back to docs who refered me to a neor who done a quick examination and could find nothing wrong, were in december now. After alot of reserch i am sure this is ms,after christmas this year i have had 2 or 3 attacks like this allthough not as bad it seems to last a couple of weeks or so then slowly clears. . When i looked into the symtems of ms i found that i have had some of these for years ie feeling of lump in throat coming and going, lack of concentration,chest pains,muddled words in unfamilar surroundings, so back to see doc again soon anyhow thats my story so far i just wanted to see if anybodys got any ideas, oh nearly forgot i have type 1 diebetes and have heard the 2 complaints are almost the same thing only affecting different parts of the body , anyhow thanks .

Hi 19 stoney (interesting tag)

You sound to be going through a difficult time and I hope it passes soon. The Glandular fever virus is a nightmare and can cause problems for years so it might be that or it might be part of your diabetes (as you suggest). But you could ask your GP to refer you to a Neurologist to see if he will run some tests to see exactly what is going on. I hope its not MS but if it is please be aware it impacts on people differently and inbetween relapses (if its RRMS) you’ll be able to continue to live your life with some quality.

((((Hugs)))) Mary

hi thnks for reply Mary , i will see doc again soon and will ask to see neurologist again ,its driving me crazy not nowing whats wrong this has been going on for 18 months now , i dont think this has anything to do with my diebetes as i have always had good control and allthough i have had pins & needles in hands and feet my feeling in my feet is perfect which is usaually the first sign of diebetic complications, anyhow thanks for the reply, ps hugs i have had them too.