I did join in 2007 but I’ve now rejoined 🙄

Hi I’m Lisa I’m 56 :weary:
Just been told I have secondary progressive , it’s like getting a promotion that you don’t want. I don’t want to bore you all with my story , I have 1 daughter who is 29 and 2 grandsons aged 13 yrs (don’t calculate the years !) and one whose 14 months
Husband died in 2011, which wasn’t how it should have gone
Was diagnosed in 2007 which all happened very quickly
Anyway hello everyone would love to get to know you and how this effects you xxx

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Hello Lisa.Good to meet you x

i was 71 yesterday.lovely lunch out with family and friends.

difficulty using hands now.

had PPMS 26 years…have lots of much needed help.
Jesus helps through.

best wishes, boudsx


I definitely remember the name from when you used to post, which I’m afraid proves that we’re both old-timers, doesn’t it?

I am sorry that you have had bad losses in your life since then.


Happy Birthday for yesterday , nice to meet u too :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

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Dear Lisa
You are in the right place, it sucks… I was diagnosed (PPMS) in2007, looking back the trouble could be noted from 2002 not walking well. Sorry your husband passed 2011. Lucky you have your daughter and 2 grandsons they are such joy.
So hello, take care be safe M x
Take care, love M x

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Hi, good memory !! Hope your ok x
Lisa x


Life sucks Lisa. Welcome Lisa.
Take care and be safe M x

I get into to trouble for replying individually, guess what I have done it again.