Hi folks - was thinking of giving hypnotherapy a go for a bit of emotional support & try to lift my mood - but its very expensive £85 a session and i need 4 sessions- £340 and it may not work - any advice would be appreciated…

Hi, I used hypnotherapy in the past to help with a dog phobia i had. It worked well. Cheryl:)

Hi, That cost is extreme in this area it can be from £30 to £50 per session, would advise to look around on internet and see if there is someone more reasonably priced in your area.

Hypnotherapy is good but not for everyone and certainly not at that price, or it may just be me being tight. Hope you find a good one.

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My mum had hypnotherapy - about 3 yrs ago. She had psoriasis very badly - caused we think after a bad car accident.

Our GP thought it was worth trying. l looked on-line for someone local - and luckily found someone in the next village. l think its important to find someone you know you will get on with. Mum had 3 sessions and they cost £30 a time. lt made such a difference to her - and l would certainly say very successful. Her psoriasis cleared up and has not returned. l don’t think mum even realised she was having hypnotherapy.

l would advise you to ‘shop’ around as you should be able to find someone cheaper. Find someone who is registered as a hypnotherapist.

They may have reviews that you can read. Each session took about 1 1/2 hrs - the first session was longer because of the questionaire

that has to be filled in.

Hope this helps

Hi … I strongly recommend Hydrotherapy.

I was dx 14 years ago and after a couple of years started at the Hydo sessions and found them very beneficial. I continued weekily, on & off, over the years until about 2years ago when the sessions were no longer available at a time to suit my work and so had to stop.

After a really bad year of relapses, etc I have now had to finish work, but hopefully on the mend enough for me to start back again at Hydro before very long, as I am no longer restricted by work and I know what a difference it makes to my whole body.

Most importantly though I want to tell you that your doctor can refer you for Hydrotherapy and you don’t have to pay - IT IS FREE. This is the process I have always used - however we are very lucky to have a local Physiotherapy Department at our local Infirmary and perhaps having this facility does make it easier for my doctor to do so. I do think most hospitals have such facilities though? It is certainly worth looking into before you think of spending such large amounts of money.

Hope this is of help - Take care - Equus X


I’ve found some of Glenn Harrold’s hypnotherapy CD’s to be excellent - might be worth a shot before shelling out £85.00?

Thanks for all the replies guys - will have to shop around and see what i can find… take care


My friend recommended a Curative Hypnotherapist a while ago I had about 15 or so sessions over a 6 month period. I think they were helping but it just got to the point where I couldn’t afford them anymore. They were £60 a session plus it was costing £20 in petrol to get there and back. (The Hypnotherapist lives an hour away from me.) They caused me to think a lot about my up-bringing and about how I’d been “programmed” to behave and react in a particular way.


l bought two hypnotherapy CD’s from the LDN researchtrust - one is by a chap called Ted Heath - l sometimes listen to it in bed before

hopefully going to sleep. He has a lovely ‘bedside manner’. Forgot to mention this when l replied earlier.

Hi all, just a quick note, please please think very carefully about your choice of hypnotherapists, there are a large percentage of hypnotherapists around that never actually hypnotise anyone, they rely on relaxing the client, they never test the state of hypnosis has been achieved and they never prove the state to their clients … Before a flood of comments from therapists, yes I do know what I am talking about … I have been a full time hypnotherapist for 7 years, I run a peer support group for hypnotists and have trained with some of the best in the world. Having said that, I read the comments about price with curiosity, what I want everyone to realise is that … And this is very important, hypnosis if done properly can last forever, that’s right forever. Hypnosis changes the way your sub conscious works - why on earth would you let someone who is going to charge £25 mess with your sub conscious? I don’t want anyone to think this is a big sales pitch, I actually found the forum post because I am researching hypnosis and MS as a close friend has been diagnosed. My rates are standard for all therapies £95 per session. I have a full appointment book. My last little bit of advice / information, hypnotherapy has NO governing body, it is not regulated in any way, every single person in the UK could practice as a hypnotherapist from tomorrow with NO training! Again not a sakes pitch, but if you need any advice on hypnotherapy please don’t hesitate to message me Brian

I’ve just asked for a referral for hydrotherapy from my MS Nurse, who also mentioned that it may be no use to me, although I slhould give it a try (will it be too warm, affect my strength, etc.)

Does anyone have, with RRMS, experience with anything?

hi huey the thread is about hypnotherapy not hydrotherapy. i went to hydrotherapy once a week for 6 months. it was very soothing. it was a group of neuro patients that i belonged to. we had a programme of exercises to follow but i preferred the walking through the water with occasional lunges. it felt like nothing at all but the next day it felt like i’d had a work out with weights. i stopped going because it was difficult to get dressed in a tiny cubicle and a wet swimsuit is hard to get out of. also, a mother and baby group went in the changing rooms at the same time and it all got too much. anyway if you want to try hydrotherapy then go for it.

Apologies for the mix up on therapies and thank you for the reply

Take care,