How To See A Scotoma

Since being told as a result of a field test of a blind area (scotoma) in the visual field of my right eye, I have been curious as to why I have never noticed it myself. Mine is probably due to glaucoma rather than optic neuritis. However, after making an animated likeness of the screen test I had for my VEP test (visual evoked potential) for a completely unrelated reason, I noticed that it enabled me to ‘see’ my own scotoma. When focussing on the yellow square (other eye covered up), I notice a large area of the screen always in the same position appears as a grey speckly ‘cloud’ instead of displaying the alternating chequer pattern. When I place my finger in front of it, the finger disappears from view! I have uploaded the animation to Youtube in case anyone else wants to have a go. Just be aware before trying it that it might actually come as a bit of a shock to see the extent of the damage of a blind area not normally noticed. The animation needs to be set at full size to fill the screen. Sitting at a normal distance from the screen reveals my own scotoma as it is close to the central area of vision. However, a more peripheral one may only appear on sitting much closer to the screen so that the screen covers much more of the periphery.

I did have a go. Luckily I don’t get any blind spot at all although left upper corner was maybe a bit fuzzy.

Thanks for that!

Pat x

Did you try moving closer to the screen Pat? I find it moves the fuzzy area down and it shrinks in size.