How to explain Spasticity in the PIP Assessment?

It’s a long time since I’ve been on here but I had my PIP assessment today. She kept focusing on the pain I feel when walking but my legs just don’t work. How could I have explained it better? They are just stiff and don’t move. I don’t know if that will be enough - she seemed focused on the pain. There is no pain when I walk. She got me to reach above my head and move my head from side to side - but I don’t have any problems with my upper body. If it has to go to appeal I want to be able to explain it better.

Focus on which parts of the leg/legs is stiff - ie. for me, my left hip and the muscles at the front of my left thigh (quads) are stiff and the stiffness increases the further I walk, this stiffness causes my gait to change and the effort needed to move my left leg gets more the further I walk, the extra effort required is exhausting.

Explain if the stiffness is there when you first start walking, does it get worse the further you go, how tiring this is, how often you need to stop to rest.

Does the stiffness affect the way you tackle kerbs, steps, stairs etc. Explain the movement required in order to step up/down kerbs/steps/stairs etc.

Do you need to use a walking aid - ie. walking stick, crutch, walker? If so, how much does it help/or not as the case may be.

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That is really helpful - thank you