How to arrange additional support/care at home.

Good morning everyone.

As my condition worsens its become clear that I need extra help. Can anyone here share their experiences of having a PA or carers?

My main carer is my wife who also has a busy job.


Hi Andrew (and missus).

I’ve had PPMS 26 years and had carers for 12 years. Hubby did it all on his own for 11 years and is still my primary carer. It has knackered him. He’s 75, I am 70.

Try to avoid agencies if poss. I’ve had 4…and sacked 'em all.

It’s really to find good PAs. I wish you well.

ASk me anything you need to.

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I’m currently advertising with the help of the council for a PA. It’s under the Direct Payment scheme. First thing to do is to seek help from Adult Social Services department at your council.
Good Luck

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