Hoping these are life-changing

After debating for ages, I have just invested in a stairflit and a power-trike. Picked up the trike today from Team Hybrid and it is fantastic - only had a little go on it but it was great. I am so looking forward to being able to go on country “walks” with my family, as we used to.

Thanks to the people who replied to my recent post on stairlfits - as a result I contacted an independent and have them coming to make the final measurements tomorrow - then in a few weeks I will have my stairlift and can reclaim the first floor of my house. It will be just great to be able to go upstairs independently. I am so grateful for the advice I got on here - as a result of contacting that shop I got a top make of stairlift at over £one thousand less than the manufacturer had quoted.

it is nice to have these two things to help make this horrid condition a bit more bearable. Quite a bit poorer but as someone on here said recently, you can’t take it with you!

Brilliant; you will luv your Trike.  Don't forget slow around corners.



Which trike and stairlift did you finally decide on?

I have the Viper trike from Team Hybrid.   I settled on a Stannah stairlift - a Starla curved one - from Dolphin mbility's Chobham shop.  Team Hybrid are brilliant, caring and nothing too much trouble - best of all, not at all pushy just patient.  For anyone close enough to visit them in Fareham, I cannot recommend them highly enough   Dolphin equally very thorough and no sales hype at all.