Holiday for clothes

A dear friend of mine is going on a Caribbean Cruise next month. She was panicking a bit because she said she did not have the right clothes suitable for a cruise. l had a rummage in my wardrobe and my daughters - and invited her round for a ‘trying on’ session. She was thrilled - so was l - as they all seem to fit. So my dresses that have not seen the light of day for a while - will be off on a cruise. Might even sit at the Captains Table. She said she will not show her hubby before they depart - she is going to ‘surprise’ him. Most of the outfits - she admitted she would not have normally looked at - but once she tried them on she felt really confident and uplifted. l think the leopard print cozzy with matching sarong was her favourite. At least my ‘wardrobe’ can go on a cruise - even though l can’t.

Oh, a leopard print swimsuit and sarong…how fab-u-lous!

I think it was a wonderful idea to let her come for a trying on session. Bet you all had a good time!

Hope she brings you a pressie back from her travels.


What a brilliant mate you are! xxx

Good for you! I’m lucky that I also have such lovely friends x

(Not that I’m going on a cruise and borrowing fab outfits :confused: )