Hi not been here in a while...................

I was macdonald on old site now Lesmac, hi to everyone remember the dodgy barmaid…aka me. I am having a wee swalley care to join me? The bar is well stocked

Cheers m’dears :o) xxxxxxxx

hello lesmac,

A huge welcome back to the formum i have not long returned myselfafter many years in the ms wilderness. i am not sure if you will remember me its tosh i used to be a regular in your bar and would stay till closing and had to be shown the door while peading and beggig for a lock in. so ill have two pints of the black stuff and a glayva for starters on a cold monday. i would also like some dry roasted if you have any and get yourself a double of whatever you want.

join in and sing up and the back we cant hear you.

tosh xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

hello daft one!

am still giggling from last time u called me!

ellie x

Hey Les

This is strong stuff as you all can see im slurrrrrrrrring my wordssssss half way down the first pint. jeez welcome back ha ha

Tosh xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


i feel as if i am on friends reunited!!!

ellie x

hey ellie,

Hows things the party in full swing ha ha. been a long time hope you well and everything good with you and your family

Tosh xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

have sent u pm

all is not good but am still smiling in between the tears!

ellie x

lol Ellie …How are you? Yes that phone call…I am still blushing. Another gin I think lol

Les xxxxx

Yes I remember our barmaid ! Good to have you back. I’ll have…a gin and tonic, Bombay Saphire please, and keep em coming,thank you…