Hi looking for people with MS in the Grantham area who could recommend a good counsellor.

strong textHi everyone. My name is Sharon and I have been living with MS for 34 years. I just wanted to chat with people who are as frustrated as I am x

Hi Sharon. I’m more than twice your age but am happy to chat. What’s frustrating you? Moira

Sorry, I misread your message and thought you said you were 34. Ever mind, offer is still there.

Hi Sharon, I’m not in the same boat as you, I was only diagnosed 6 weeks ago and still in limbo regarding appointments and medication. (Finally got appointment in about 4 weeks).

Hi Sharon - I’ve been living with MS since 1972, not an easy companion at times but it’s great to have this forum so we can talk to people who actually understand what we’re going talking about. Have just spent a great weekend glued to my laptop watching all the rugby. I’m Welsh so rugby is in my blood - we didn’t win but but Scotland did and as my late husband was Scottish that sort of made up for the Welsh loss! Any time you feel like a natter I’d be happy to chat. Essie

Hello! I can talk the hind legs off of a donkey. Welcome :slight_smile:

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Hi Moria I think the reason I get so frustrated is that I have lost a lot of my independence since being in a wheelchair . Simple things like pulling up my leggings. Wish there was a way you could do it without help. I feel really bad moaning about this as there are so many people worse off.

Hi I hope everything goes well for you