Hi im Linda

Hi im linda 48 and just newly been diagnosed with Rrms.Would be great to get any advice at all and chat to new people .thanks for listning x

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Hi Linda,
Sorry you’ve got MS but glad you’ve joined our site.

Hope your symptoms are under control.
My top tip-
Keep an MS diary about anything to do with your MS.
Symptoms when they start/stop
Any aids you need to use. etc etc.

There maybe an MS group that meets up for exercise, talks and social events.

My group are meeting up for a Christmas meal.

Look after yourself.

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Thankyou for your advice.Take care x

Hi Linda,
i also have RRMS, was diagoned in 2007. MS is a new challenge in life, i see my MS as a second me. MS is a bugger but dont fight against it, try to work alongside it. Listen to your MS (im a bugger not to). I see its a 50-50 relationship. But it does have the upperhand. When i want to go for a walk and the MS cant be bothered it will say ‘Errr nah’. If i ignore it, then the MS will make sure that i feel it (fatigue). Having MS is an eye opener to your surroundings and life. It’s a new set of hurdles in your journey of life (getting a bit deep here lol), see MS as a daily challenge that you will try your best. If it doesnt go to plan, you can smile and say ‘well at least i tried and learned’.

Keep strong and dont fight the MS, create a partnership.

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Thanks for your advice take care x