Okay, so this is going to be kind of a long story. Sorry! So, ever since I was a teenager (I am now 27), I have had extreme fatigue. That is the only symptom I had for a few years that I can remember. When I was 20 I was pregnant with my first child. My stomach was huge and my bra kind of irritated the top of my belly. Well, that spot eventually went numb and I just thought it was due to the bra irritating it day after day. Nonetheless, that spot is still numb. I developed chronic lower back pain during this time of somewhwre around this time. It is excruciating if i walk long distances or stand for long periods of time.I have always had extremely bad vision with it getting worse every year not sure if I ever had optic neuritis before now because I wasn’t looking for it. The numb spot and the fatigue was the only symtpoms I had until about a year ago, which I had another baby 6 months before that time.forgot to add that I had sciatica when I was pregnant and had a lot of pain in my left leg. Anyways, 1 year ago I got a pressure like I always had to urinate and would urinate a little bit on myself throughout the day. Went to multiple doctors and blah blah couldn’t find anything. So, now I’m 26 and have a numb spot, fatigue and urinary incontinence. About 3 months ago I started with tingling in different places at different times, getting hot and cold sensations, random twitching, burning pains, tight muscles, and now I’ve noticed that my right eye is blurry. I went to the ER this past Friday had a Mri of the brain and spine with and without contrast and a ct scan of the head, and blood work. All was normal. I obviously know that this is leading to ms but doctors said no. Could I have had ms for ten years or longer and not have a single lesion? Oh, and I am referred to a neurologist. Just freaking out!!!

hi west

have you asked your obstetrician about the urinary incontinence?

it sounds awful to have unexplained fatigue as a teenager.

let the neurologist work out the cause.

meanwhile get to the nearest bowel and bladder clinic because there is a lot that can be done.

for me the fatigue is my most disabling symptom.

incontinence the most humiliating one.

you may not have ms at all which is cause for celebration.

your neuro should keep on testing for a neurological cause.

carole x

Hi West

If you’ve had a negative MRI, then it sounds like you probably don’t have MS. Generally speaking, people are not usually diagnosed with MS following a clear MRI.

As Carole said, incontinence is sometimes caused by pregnancy / childbirth, so it may be possible to define this as a cause. You can be referred, or often, self refer to a bladder and bowel clinic.

Meanwhile, you have long standing fatigue problems and a numb spot. There are many diagnoses which could cause fatigue (CFS for one) and having been referred to a neurologist is likely to put your mind at rest with regard to MS.

The neurologist will want to do a full neurological examination (I expect) and then will perhaps look at other causes of your symptoms and / or refer you to other specialists.

Try not to worry that it’s MS. In all likelihood, it’s not. But on the off chance that it is, there are disease modifying drugs which can ward off disabling relapses. So it’s not the end of the world.


Hi, Im a tad concerned with you saying I obviously know this is leading to MS`…whoa there…slow those busy thoughts down a bit chuck, pleeease!

This may not be MS…as you are probably aware already, fatigue, incontinence, back pain can all be due to pregnancy, childbirth and looking after young children.

But your other problems do need investigating, so hang in there and let the neuro do his job.

There are many other things that could be causing symptoms.


Hi West, now you have a few different symptoms and some may be linked. Huge Congrats on a clear MRI and confirmation from the doctors that you don’t have MS and the MRI’s proved it. This is fabulous news West, but only says what you do not have.

There are symptoms and they’re affecting you, so try to get explanations for each of those. But, please stop trying to talk yourself into having an incurable condition, and please stop thinking it’s inevitable and you will definitely have MS. It’s been ruled out.

Take care x