i don’t know if anyone can help me. I have had incidents for some time, feeling tired, confusion, disorientated, dizzy, blackouts. I have terrible stiffness in my shoulders, bottom of back and legs. I can’t get dressed some days, my daughter does it for me. I get very emotional sometimes…and recently have been driving through red lights etc because I forget. Anyway…I had MRI scan and has come back borderline…what does that mean?? I have to wait months to go back to specialist. What should I do? Thank you for any advice xx


Sorry, but I have no idea. “Borderline” is not very helpful unless it explains borderline for what. An MRI can detect a whole host of abnormalities, not just MS, so unless it specifically said it was borderline for MS, I’ve no idea what it’s saying it was borderline for. The other way of reading it is that it was borderline normal - i.e. they observed something slightly unusual, but not much.

On the plus side, if it raised suspicion of anything like a brain tumour, you definitely wouldn’t have been left months to go back, so I think you can safely assume your life isn’t in danger. It’s either not anything of concern, or at least not anything requiring urgent intervention.



Thank you ever so much. My gp thinks it’s ms, I’m going to see her again on Wednesday. I can’t get any explanation from anyone, it’s very hard going :(( thank you for trying to help me, I appreciate that xx


make sure you note your symptoms, when they started, if they stopped, got worse etc.

you can use this as a reminder when you see the neuro again.

good to talk to gp about them so that it all gets on your medical records.

please be careful in your car because a diagnosis is only useful if you’re still around to get it!

carole x

Morning Carole.

That is good advise as I haven’t been going all the time to the doctors, so when they ask how long…how long ago, I’m like I’m not sure!!! It has been worrying me the driving, if I know I don’t feel well I won’t drive. I have questioned it with everyone I’ve seen and they don’t tell me to stop. It is a real concern, and that is an issue I was ask when I see gp again. It plays on your mind doesn’t it? Wears you down :frowning: that you for your kind words and support. Means so much

ruth xx

Hi Ruth, welcome to the forum as has already been said, it’s best to see your GP with any new symptoms as that can be referred to later if needed. Nothing sounds life threatening with your scan, ‘borderline’ is pretty useless if they don’t tell you what! You certainly would have been rushed through if something really bad.

When you next see your GP might be a good time to ask to be referred to a neuro. He, or she, will want you to have a few more tests done before they will say what your problem is. MS is notoriously difficult to diagnose, your symptoms could fit many things, so prepare yourself for a long wait before the neuro will want to give a dx.

Try not to worry, easy to say, I know Good luck & keep looking in here, there’s always somebody around to help you if they can.

Rosina x

Thank you so much. I don’t think I thought it would take this long at all, and when you wait so long for results then it’s still not clear it can be so upsetting. I think the not knowing is worse than the knowing. I really appreciate you taking the time to calm me down :slight_smile: just nice to know your not on your own with it all. Can’t thank you enough xx

I’m with you with the not knowing, it’s driving me nuts at the moment! You just want an answer. Ive now gone into a half limbo where they found something in my emg but need more test to determine the diagnosis. I’m hobbling around with my children like a lame puppy and people will stop and ask me what I’ve done to my legs and am I feeling ok. I just don’t know what to say.

The thing I’ve learnt on my road is that these symptoms especially in the early days can relate to 100’s of conditions. I know it’s hard to do when the symptoms are a constant reminder but the best thing really is to let your neuro investigate and try not to worry. When I get stressed about it it defiantly makes my symptoms worse.

Before my neuro found something they told me I had M.E and Fybromyagia and in the short period of time I had a diagnosis and the stress of anything underlying was taken away my symptoms where less severe. The stress of the unknown again has defiantly contributed to my current downward spiral. So as much as you can please try to relax and I will try to take my own advise :wink: