Help needed

6 amDelete Hi i was diagnosed proggresive ms in March 2012 and I was awarded my disability award indefinitely and recently I’ve had to apply for pip which was conducted through capita at my home and I’ve just had a reply back off them saying they can’t award me the pip and they didn’t award me any points in any sections and what they wrote down in the letter is a complete pack of lies they wrote things down that didn’t even happen he’d said he’d observed me walking and he did has I was sitting down in all the time he wad doing the face to face I only stood up once when he was the one that ask me to and he’s put alot of things in there which is all fabricated and as a result there saying now my benefits will stop and I’ve also had a letter off motobilty now saying I’ve got to send my car back this as caused me alot of stress and not sleeping because of it so if anybody can point me in the right direction about help would be much appreciated thank you

thats ridiculous this capita are the pits. you need help tomorrow. you need to put in straight away from a mandatory reconsideration.

trouble is like we have said PIP is not DLA its different. which makes it harder for sure, but a lot of people who dont get it will if they appeal.

its madness if you got all that under DLA.

try this PIP test it really gives you an idea on what they look for. BUT if the assessor has lied then you need to make a strong case over that.

I joined the benefits and work for a year. they are very helpful.

really sorry for you. its a nightmare especially when you have your car, so get that paperwork in tomorrow.

this might help about the car.