Help: I'm finding typing difficult as my fingers are too numb; any advice?

This is a nightmare Typing this makes me cringe…any drugs or tips out there for making the tips of my fingers go back to normal?

Any help much appreciated.

Hi Pigeon

I have been having the same systoms and have found that I have to use left hand which is not ideal!!

You could try aqupunture, I have this once every two weeks it seems to help me


Hang on in there. I have sat at my work desk weeping with frustration for the same reason - 4th and 5th fingers of both hands like sausages, and the rest not great either. I have had a couple of relapses that have done that, and they never did get better fully, but I am back to being able to touch type faster than most people despite the now permanent tingling numbness and loss of fine control. What I am saying is, time will sort it out with luck, and even if it doesn’t completely, your brain will find workarounds to an amazing extent. Fingers (!) crossed. Alison

I get this a lot, I use a computer lots at work and get the point where I can’t write or type. I use a program called Dragon that allows me to verbally dictate to text. I have written this message using Dragon and if you train it correctly it can make a huge difference.

Sara x

Apart from Dragon (perhaps the best) and Voice Xpress, there are also predictive text programs that resemble a cell-phone. You could have a look at:

Then grab one or two of the free ones and give them a try

Geoff (with two fingers and a thumb)

I too have got numb, stiff fingers. My thumb also clenches up painfully when I’m typing (like now) or writing. They provide Dragon software at my work and I’m looking into this. I’m reluctant though because it feels like giving in. Another concession to this disease.

Sara, I did have a chuckle at your post. How to Train Your Dragon?


I’ve had relapses that do this to my hands too and my hands have recovered to a certain extent but, where recovery hasn’t been complete, I’ve sort of got used to the numb feeling and found that I could type reasonably quickly again. The brain is a marvellous thing.

Different keyboards help as well. For instance, I spent ages choosing a laptop which had a keyboard on which I would be able to touch type. However since 2 relapses affecting my hands it is now a nightmare to type on and I have had to plug in a proper keyboard to the laptop.

Tracey x


Lenovo laptop keyboards are hard to beat, but their current trackpads (with ‘built-in’ buttons instead of separate mechanical ones of the past) are simply awful these days.

Sadly, the voice recognition software - Dragon - that was referred to earlier would have been a great option, but my speaking is so hit-and-miss these days, that I’m no longer able to benefit !!

Now, if they can come up with typing/writing software driven purely by thought …