Help! Do I have MS?

Hi to you all, I am new to this so please bear with me! I will give you a shortened version of events, and to where I am now. And how I have came to the conclusion that I may have MS. 4 years ago, I started to suffer with extreme fatigue, I put this down to having a young baby and a busy family, after a long battle it appeared I may have endometriosis, after 2 laparoscopic investigations, they couldn’t find any, other than cyst on my ovaries. Eventually I had a hysterectomy to help with my periods that were heavy. Hoping that that would sort out all my problems, it didn’t after the “brain fog” following the operation (which never lifted) my sypmtoms never went. With out going into more boring details, these are what I am experience ing now! Fatigue Depression Clumsy ness Dizziness Very bad forgetfulness Aching joints Pins and needles Numbness Occasional eye twitching and hand tremors I recently had an attack which Drs taught I had a slipped disc in my back that was pressing on a nerve causing pins and needles down my left side. MRI scan on my lower back came back clear. GP advised for me to take double amount of my antidepressant to help with the “brain problems” which have made no difference at all. If anyone out there can help and give me advice I would really appreciate it. I think my GP has me down as having hypochondriac disorder. My marriage is at breaking point, due to my constant tiredness and mood swings. I have an appoint with my GP on Wednesday would I have good enough grounds to ask for a CT scan Many Thanks in Advance Sarah

your symptoms strike me as b12 defiency/pernicious anaemia. this can be made worse following an operation due to anaesthetic. heavy periods is another problem with it. please look at the pernicious anemia site on the web.

Moyna xxx

Hello Sarah

I’m assuming your gp has done the basic blood tests?

The symptoms you have could relate to many conditions. Your age, personal circumstances will also have some bearing on your present problems.

If you feel your symptoms are neurological, then discuss with your gp about a referral to a neurologist.

Why are you worried it’s MS Sarah? is there a family member with MS or a friend?

Take care x

Thank you both for your replies Yes have had all blood work done and everything has came back normal. At one point I thought it was a problem with my thyroid but that came back normal. As far as I am aware there is no one in my immediate family that has MS but have many Aunts and Uncles and cousins etc I am not really in contact with. The bits of research I have done with my symptoms it points me in the direction of MS. It just feels like everything I go to the DR with and have further investigations and all come back fine! I’m sure it’s not all in my head!!! Xx

Hello again Sarah

Go back to your gp and discuss your worries and having a neuro referral, see what your gp thinks.

There is a number on this website, that you can ring and talk to someone about how you are feeling…it’s confidential. I don’t know what the number is right now but I’m sure you will find it easy enough.

You say your marriage is at breaking point Sarah. Is your husband supportive…helping round the house…parenting etc?

Try and leave going on the internet and researching things for now, you are just increasing your stress levels.

Take care xx

Btw!! for what it’s worth, I’m not thinking it’s all in your head

Have a look at Fibromyalgia, it has similar symptoms to MS though heavy periods is common with this (sorry any men reading!)

Might help?,


Dear All thank you for your. Replys. Blossom I tried to reply to your post last night but my tablet ran out of charge! If I ask for a neuro referral will that envolve seeing a proper consultant and have CT scan?.. My husband is great, he is so supportive in every way, weekends he sends me to bed in the afternoon so we can spend some time together after we have put the kids to bed. He quite understandably gets upset that I am falling asleep at 9pm or half way through a movie!!? I think if I just knew what was wrong with me then hopefully we can get on the right track! I’m pleased you don’t think it’s all in my head xxx

Hello Sarah It’s a neurologist referral you’d be asking for initially. The Neuro would decide if a MRI scan is required…not a CT-scan. I’m glad you have a supportive husband Sarah, this must be stressful for you both. You know your own body. If you feel there is something wrong then persevere until you get answers :slight_smile: Noreen x

All these lovely people will keep you right and yes, try to quit googling things, because it is sending me doolally. I had to go back to my doctor and demanded to be referred.I had 3 visits before where he assured me it wasn’t neural and I had nothing to worry about and infact blamed it on my weight. I left feeling very despondent, (having lost over 3 stone I thought well why didn’t I feel all this when I was at my heaviest). I tried to keep going, but we all know our own bodies and I knew something was very wrong.He did reflex test and straight away wrote to neurology apartment and appointment came through quick, as did MRI date.Now im 3 weeks into waiting for results and its driving me mad.Just need to know whats wrong.

Don’t be fobbed off, thats all I can say to you.xx

Hi Sarah

Whatever you do, do not make an appointment with Dr. Google- he’s a Charlatan!

Unfortunately, it’s a case of taking a deep breath and remaining patient. There are a number of conditions that mimic MS, so it’s a case of discounting these first. The following weblinks are both accurate and informative:-

And finally, this weblink has appeared on the MS Forum a number of times, because it has been offered to patients , as a source of reading by Neurologists when there is a definite problem with the functioning of the nervous system, but there is NO disease . It makes for very interesting reading (if you don’t mind reading, that is!)

Pay attention to the ‘Diagnosis’ tab for the conditions referred to. You can ensure that your own testing is heading in the right direction.

Good luck. Hope you get a definitive diagnosis soon.

Tracyann x