Hello, newbie!

Hi, I have been waiting for this new site to get up and running for a couple of months now.

I am 37 years old and currently under investigation for ? MS.

I developed double vision back at the beginning of April this year which led to the sequence of events. I had an MRI in early May, a patch of inflammation was seen and so referred to the neuros. More scans were done and neuros said I had more white patches of inflammation some of which were periventricular. So they referred me for a LP which I had on the 15th July. I have had a letter about the results which state that, ’ the results are consistent with CNS inflammation we discussed in clinic’.

To those in the know, does this mean that they have found the oligoclonal bands we did talk about in clinic?? My GP is trying to chase the result as they haven’t had a letter yet. I did have, maybe 8 years ago, an episode of numbness down the Left side of my body (torso), which at the time was investigated with bloods only and after a few weeks returned to normal and was put down to a virus. The neuro said that this was more than likely an ‘episode’, but because it was never investigated properly, then it can’t be counted towards a diagnosis. So I think its a case of wait and see if there is another relapse. The neuros said in their letter that nothing needs to be done treatment wise at this point in time but if I develop any more neurological symptoms then to let them know.

My next follow up is December 2011. I just wish I knew one way or the other.

nette x