Hello πŸ‘‹ from Tembo

Hello :wave: returning to the forum after many years away. I have relapsing MS for along time at last diagnosed in 2007. We have to grown up Daughters.
Love doing home exercises try to pace myself or I suffer from bad fatigue, I am now 62 maybe it’s that :joy::joy:

Hi Tembo19

the combination of MS and the passage of time is an open invitation to fatigue.
Hope you are managing your energy.

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Hello Tembo, welcome back to the forum.

Fatigue is a monster. It must be gently treated, kept happy by treating it to a lot of rest and by not attempting to do too much.

So many of us are martyrs to the beast. Plenty of snoozing and afternoon time out.


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I agree, Sue, fatigue is a monster.

I know we shouldn’t look back but when a busy weekend day might have included mowing the (small) lawn, hanging out the washing, washing the car, nipping to the shops and then the gym or tennis match later for the sheer fun of it, it’s now a case of which one of the above (and some are definitely not on the menu at all) I can manage before a sit down.

Having done vigorous exercise all my life, it’s quite an adjustment. The old mindset was to β€œfeel the burn” or β€œpush through” but now such a strategy would end in disaster. I guess we’re all the same on here, just at different stages. Do too much and my body shuts down, which means a quick sit down turns out to being crashed out in a deep sleep for an hour or more.

We have to learn to respect our limitations and at times it’s not an easy sell. I have lazy, snowflake teenagers whom I am constantly trying to inspire to do more with their lives but it’s not easy when they see me sat around for much of the time.

We must all try to maintain flexibility as long as we can, without killing ourselves in the process :sweat:

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Such a hard balance to know just how hard to push. After 30 odd years I still get it badly wrong on the odd occasion.
And it is difficult not to sound like an old f@rt if you suggest to youngsters that they should do stuff when they have the opportunity.
Mick. PS I am an old f@rt; so what ?

Me too - get it wrong after nearly 25 years and am almost as old as you. Not that I describe myself as a fart. Old witch maybe?

Experienced Sage maybe

Loving your reply thank you

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Loving your reply

Loving your reply :joy:

Loving your reply :innocent:

Loving your reply :sleeping:

Loving your reply… you old witch :joy:

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Loving your reply :joy: