Hello from a newly diagnosed


My name is Mike. I am a 38 year old male from Plymouth, England.

I was diagnosed with relapsing remitting MS on Monday 4th Mar 2024.

I have a meeting with the MS Team from Plymouth this Monday to discuss my treatment moving forward.

I was originally diagnosed with MOG AD and was treated with Prednisolone, Steroids since that diagnosis in July.

My symptoms show as “numbness” or “dull” sensations in my right side that spread down to my foot prior to treatment. I currently feel ok but the numbness comes in waves changing daily.

Hope you are all well and coping with your symptoms as best you can

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Hi Michaeljpgriffin
Welcome to the group nobody would choose to join!! You will find tons of support from the community on here, so please don’t feel you’re ever on your own!!
It’s obviously very new and very raw, scary etc etc and I wish you all the best as you go forward.
Sorry I’m not offering advice but I’m also quite new (just a couple of years for me) on this MS thing!! but I find so much comfort from reading posts from the ‘folk who know!!’ and I’m guessing you will too. Take care of you

Hi mike good to see you are getting some help now buddy . As for you waves you are having i also have them every day . I have weekness and limp on my right side. think this is proxamal symtoms. And lots of things can trigger the waves of symtoms .daily try find your triggers . Myn is over doing things .or heat … good luck with your ms team . And be positive .

Hi Mike. I’m a near 70 year old in Scotland ( more or less the world capital for incidence of MS) but originally from the English Midlands. I’ve had MS for 17-18 years and so far, the main effects are on my right leg which makes walking for more than 15-20 minutes difficult to impossible. Treatments are getting more numerous and better ! I hope you had a good meeting today.

All the best

I was diagnosed with exact same on 27th February this year. Unfortunately I have a urinary tract infection so I haven’t been told when il be beginning my treatment.

Best of luck on your journey with MS