Headaches and general feeling unwell from Brabio?

Hi all! Hope you’re doing well… i have a concern and some questions.
I started on Brabio (3xa week) on 1st February this year. Normally i didn’t get any side effects, but i did get bad site reactions.
But now, for around a week I have almost constant headache, and like a pressure in various parts of my head and feel exhausted as if i haven’t slept for days… my first question (which is also my worry) is, is this from Brabio as a new side effect that’s started now I’ve used it for over 2 months? Does anyone else gets a constant headache from it? I mean…it doesn’t really go away.
And if you do, is this maybe temporary? Like it hurts for a week and then stops?
Im worried if it’s not from Brabio then i need to see a doctor to check it out.
On the other hand, if it is Brabio…i don’t want to continue with it. I am on a waiting list for Kesimpta at the moment but anyway…
And i guess my other question, if it is from Brabio, what do you do about it? Surely we can’t be taking painkillers on a daily basis?? Am i allowed even to take Ibuprofen?
Also, in my 37 years of life I’ve never ever had a headache before so it’s really worrying and i feel like i can’t function like this…i work full time and I’m struggling at the moment with this.
Please help!

I am on Brabio but apart frin skin reactions at the start I dont have any side effects.

I would call your MS nurse. What time of day do you do the injection?

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Hi. Thanks for your reply… how long have you been on Brabio?
I didn’t get any other side effects either for 2 months… but headache does appear as a common side effect. I just didn’t think it would be almost constant like that… its kinda passed now, although last night i had it again.

I inject in the evenings, i can’t otherwise as i work and wouldn’t be able to inject before and then just get ready and go. I don’t believe the injection time would affect if i do or don’t get a headache?

I went to A&E as suggested by my GP, they did some blood tests, pressure, etc and all showed fine so they didn’t do a scan.

Unfortunately i can’t call my MS nurse and my previous appointment got cancelled and postponed for another month, so I’ll only speak to her in another 2 weeks or so… i have emailed her so waiting for a response.


I do mine in the morning, but like you say I don’t think injection time will affect it. I hope your MS replies to your email quickly.

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