Have I decided on the right treatment

I have recently been diagnosed with Progressive MS.

im looking through the treatments available and I am struggling with the decision.

i am currently leaning towards the infusion as it is the most effective but also it seems to be the easiest option for me.

Every so often though I worry if I am making the right choice.

Everything about this scares me so much.

Tysabri? or Lemtrada?

they are both heavy duty but have positive effects.

have you got an ms nurse? you could talk it through with him/her.

good luck

carole x

Hi Lorraine

When you say you’ve been diagnosed with progressive MS, are you sure? The reason I’m asking is that you seem to have been given a choice of disease modifying drugs (DMDs) which are only available to a person who is diagnosed with relapsing remitting MS (RRMS). The purpose of a DMD is to prevent relapses, which a person with secondary progressive (SP) or primary progressive (PP), won’t have, which is why they’re not prescribed. Have a look at this: Newly diagnosed | MS Trust

The infusions, as Carole said could be Tysabri (a monthly infusion) or Lemtrada (one annual infusion for two years). They both have their plus points as well as the potential for side effects, but I think you need to do some more research into both before making a decision. Have a look at this for more info: How is MS treated? | MS Trust

Obviously, there is more information on this site too.

Good luck with all the choices you now need to make. You will hopefully also have been put in contact with and MS nurse who will help you to make the decision about drug treatments.