Happy Birthday Rizzo

Today its Rizzos birthday. She helps no end of people and exhausts herself literally. Shes a very special mser.

Join with me to wish her a very happy birthday.



Hope you have a really good day,and a massive thankyou for everything you do for us all


Happy birthday :slight_smile: x

Happy birthday Karen, go for it today and rest up tomorrow! Chis x

Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday dear rizzo Happy birthday to you :slight_smile: julsiexx

Happy birthday x

Penblwydd Hapus Karen!!!

Thank yu for all you do xxxxxx

Happy Birthday have a fab day xx

Thanks everyone!

Bren - you and I need to talk!!!

Karen x

Karen, I can’t believe where that year has gone to. I got a shock when I saw birthday greetings to you.

Happy Birthday ! Have a wonderful day and I hope you get spolt with some ballet, a meal and whatever your heart desires.

Love Jacqui xx

Happy Birthday. Have a lovely day.


Hi Karen,

Hope you have a lovely day,and get spoilt rotten.

You deserve it.


Ps how old are you now,or is one not allowed to ask that.

Happy Birthday Karen!


Happy BUFFDAY!! lol

Happy Birthday Karen

Pat xx

Happy Birthday Karen and thanks so much for all that you do.

Lots of love

Ness xx

Happy Birthday Karen

Sonia x

happy birthday

hope you have a great day x moo

happy birthday

hope you have a great day x moo

happy birthday, hope you have alovely day, Luv Jean x