hands up who cant cope with MS medications

Hi Trish

My gp is referring me for a gastroscopy due to nausea and loss of appetite/weight loss. Wants to check if it’s to do with side effects of medication-which wouldn’t surprise me


That’s a pretty good idea… and so simple!

I don’t use DMDs any more, and gradually came off everything else too. All I take now is Sativex and various supplements - Vit D3, Omega 3, Magnesium and Turmeric. I feel much better in myself not taking any other prescription meds - all they did was make me feel groggy and pile weight on. I feel much more in control this way - self management, for me, is definitely the way to go. X

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Hi I’m thinking of coming off my meds but it’s such a scary choice will I get worse will I stay the same!? My body just seems to hurt at the thought of jabbing myself with another needle and I only take it once a week!!

I have had my dx for just over 8 months and I’m still hating it how long did you guys take to accept you had Ms? I still feel funny every time I think that I have it or tell people I have it

[/quote] Hi Em3a, I was diagnosed in September 2013 - and although everyone pretty much knows, I do still struggle at times to accept it. It’s a very personal journey, and everyone accepts/deals with diagnosis in different ways. Just remember you’re not alone. X

Hi missylala thank you for your reply I just think it’s crazy and crap all at the same time and keep thinking how and very selfishly why?? Most people know about me but when you meet new people and there are something you can’t do or your red hot while they are freezing in the cold and they look at you crazy and your like oh my thermostats is broke I have ms it makes me feel well just yuck I’m not bothered about people knowing but I just haven’t fully accepted I have this yet but thank you :slight_smile: x

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you know blossom, i never had nausea prior to starting these


Hi trash444 I sometimes get some side affects like the flu symptoms and normally worse if I have a cold or feel poorly not caused by the Ms. It’s just the fact of the injection I hate it!

and me and alcohol have fallen out big style lol but it keeps worming it’s way back in and I keep forgiving it haha

I’m a walking Pharmacy…I have SPMS and take 35 tablets a day…even with an alarm set and all tablets in a “pill popper” I still manage to forget to take them sometimes :frowning:

Totally fed up with jabbing myself everyday with copaxone, cipralex for mood, statins for chlorestral and as said, go to gym and try to watch what I eat but the weight piles on… Oh to be medication free, I wonder how I would do medicine free…like my missus… Oops forgot about LDN, as well…

Dave38 - that’s some amount of medication - are you reviewed regularly by your GP/Pharmacist/Neurologist? Missylala x

Missylala - Just saw MS Nurse last month…she made a note of my medications and we discussed symptom relief. I see my GP once a year for a check-up and whenever I get a letter through from my Neurologist or MS Nurse that changes my medication…usually two or three times a year. My GP is quite switched-on and he stays on top of my meds and bloodwork (one of them is a carcinogen so every three months I’m checked for cancer ). He’s trying to wean me off one of my meds currently. To me MS stands for Mother&*^$ing Symptoms


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