hand keeps twitching

Morning. My hand keeps twitching. Not all the time but it wakes me up and I try to stop it by putting it under my pillow. During the day I hold it with my other hand. When I watch it my thumb mainly, only moves fractionally but is really annoying. I can usually feel an internal tremor. How can I stop it? Lynn

Morning Lynn I have tremors which on occasion affect my hands and it’s most annoying. When I spoke to my ms nurse about my twitchy fingers he suggested red wine was a good way to calm the tremor. …Which is all well and good except when you’re affected in the mornings! I’m currently trying to find ways to calm my tremors so if I get anywhere I’ll let you know All the Best Jane xx

Cheers. I think a glass of wine sounds like the best remedy I’ve heard! I’ll give that one a go tonight. I normally walk a bit weirdly so if I have a drink now everyone will think I’m drunk. Lynn

Every cloud, eh?! When my husband sees me clutching a large glass of wine I have to patiently point out to him that it’s medicinal and it’s what the Dr ordered. You’ve got to love the NHS! Let me know how you get on Jxx

I have electric shocks and spasms in my hands most of the time. My MS nurse suggested I up my dose of Baclofen to remedy this.

A glass of wine sounds like a better way to go.

Wendy x