Hallo everyone. Im new here.

Hi Andy,
So sorry to hear that, I suffer with cold feet but hubby got me some knee length heat holder socks and they make a huge difference (look a bit odd when i go to bed but at least my feet are warmer). Maybe they could help you?
Had the meeting, and I start adding an hour from 1st Jan and building up as I feel comfortable.
Also heard from the GP who kept asking me if I was suicidal or had suicidal tendencies, or had I harmed myself or thought about it, she didnt listen to what I was trying to tell her so I put on my stern voice and told her what I wanted and why, prescription sent to pharmacy. But it was hard work, I hope I dont have to deal with her again! t
Wishing you and your wife a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Take care of each other.
AT x

Hi Andy
Yes definitely a positive attitude is everything- after being in hospital for 3 months and having 3 carers a day - I lost my job and have had to rehome my dog - I lost everything- but am determined to get it all back and get me back to how I was - I have already come so far I’m going to keep going …

Hi Vicky Rose.
I can’t think of anything worse than having to give up your pet, but you are the important one here and you have to do what you have to do. Promise me that you’ll keep fighting and keep smiling, it’s the only way to get everything back that you lost. I know you can do it. X

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Im so glad you’re meeting went well, now use it to your advantage and ease yourself back. My son had thyroid problems this year and some of his GP meetings were so atrocious they had a negative effect. He complained several times until he got what he needed. Doctors are like priests and solicitors in that we don’t like to doubt them, but there’s a vast difference between arguing and being assertive. If she won’t listen repeat yourself until she does, but remain in control. Now it’s onwards and upwards from here. X

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Hi Andy,

Thank you, I’m not a confident person, so it takes quite a lot to make me assert myself, but when I do I’ve been told I’m quite scary. (it’s just because I don’t do it often and people don’t expect it).
Deep breaths, keep taking the tablets and just take a day at a time…

Hope your son is doing ok now? One thing that seems to scare the heck out of doctors is taking notes in your appointments, that really throws them off, quite fun to watch (I had to do it when hubby was ill few years back).

Thank you again for your help - really appreciate it.
If I can listen or help you, please let me know.

Speak soon,

AT x

Hell has no fury like a woman scorned, eh? Good for you for standing up for yourself. My son finally got to see a locum who diagnosed his thyroid problem immediately. Unfortunately, it was going to take a minimum of two years before they would operate, that despite the consultant telling him if untreated he wouldn’t see this Christmas. We sent him private and he had his thyroid removed. That’s causing a few other issues but nothing that can’t be fixed with weekly testosterone jabs, and he’s aiming to return to work in January. So it’s all good on that front.
Andy x

Hi Andy,

If it’s affecting my family, then I can be quite forceful. No one messes with my family. (I have been known to go steaming into hubby’s place of work and tell his boss if I find out that hubby is stressed at all, I will be back to speak to him and he won’t want that). One very gob smacked boss later and all is rosy…
When it comes to things for me, I am like a mouse in comparison, and rely on hubby a lot.

I have my appointment with the MS Nurse next week regarding DMT’s… I think it’s between Kesimpta and Cladribine. Leaning towards Cladribine as it’s just tablets and is done and dusted pretty quickly.

Frustrating that you have to go private to get anything done in a timely manner these days. So glad your son is aiming to get back to work - I wish him the all the very best! You’ll have to let me know how he gets on.

Hope you’re doing ok today?
AT x

Hi, Welcome to join this important community!

Hi AT.
I’ve never heard of either of those tablets. I was put on fluoxetine, which worked, so I’ve never questioned it. I do know that if I don’t take them for even two days, I can feel myself going down at the rush. I know some people are against taking them, but if they make you feel better then bring it on , I say. Are you doing anything special for Christmas?
Take care.
Andy. X

Hi Andy,
How are you? Ready for Christmas?
I know what you mean about fluoxetine, its really good. The other tablets were the dmt options and ive gone for cladribine. Had a raft of blood tests done yesterday, so must wait for results now. Then there are a load of things i must do before taking them, including watching a video on how to open them?!
Hope you have a great Christmas.

AT x

Hi AT.
Now you’ve got me intrigued. A video about how to open your tablets? Do tell.

Hi Andy,

I know crazy stuff…will let you know what it is when i get the link, maybe a few weeks, i’m not due to see my ms nurse until 3rd week jan.
Makes me wonder what the heck ive let myself in for!


Hi there!, my names Aaron and im from Sydney NSW. I got my diagnosis around a year ago and im doing vey well at the moment. Im really glad you’re doing so well for youself with drawing. I am only 24 and hope that my future holds many great memories. I still like to go out with my friends and have a good time. I just want to know how you adjust to being out with friends that drink alot (probably not the best influence) Im also worried about the future with getting PPMS as its pretty common for RRMS to progress to PPMS. It just feels like im so young and have alot ahead of me. Thanks so much for sharing your intake on it much love Australia <3