Good news ?

mods, check this should be here but good news is good

thanks colum

i have been discussing with a fellow mser, the likely cures being in the most unlikely products.

athlete’s foot powder seems off the wall so it probably will work for us.

a nice dream.

If only it was good news.

Actually, it is not that new, snd you csn get a relatively unbiased opinion from the Barts Blog:

that really puts it into perspective.


Reading the Blogspot stuff on this made me think I should go back to the Biotin - I had got worse while I was on it and given up. Maybe it was secretly helping.

Sewingchick I gave up biotin too as I felt I had a few more symptoms when taking it.

Thanks geoff for the link .

And yes carol it is indeed a nice dream.

Hi all- we covered this news story this time last year:

Best wishes Stewart (admin)